Indigenous Storybooks


All Indigenous languages are within the scope of the Indigenous Storybooks project, and we welcome any interested communities to get in touch with us if they would like to see their languages or their stories represented here. Currently we are working on the following Indigenous languages:

All of the stories are also available in English, French, and Spanish. Some links may not work if a translation is not yet available. If you are interested in helping to translate, please contact us!

Through a collaboration with Storybooks Mexico, translations in the following Indigenous Mexican languages have been made available:

In addition, some community-contributed translations are also available in the following languages:

Please note that some translations and recordings are not yet complete.

We are always looking for translators! If you would like to help us translate or record the stories on this site into any language (Indigenous or otherwise), please contact us at indigenousstorybooks [at] gmail [dot] com