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¿Jita' nixe', Ko'nel K'at'ux Te' Penko? Who is this, Silly Beaver? Qui est-ce, Castor Comique?

Written by Matthew Kleywegt

Illustrated by Cynthia Dovell

Translated by Alejandra Santiago Bautista

Language Tének / Huastec

Level Level 1

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Nixe' pel u mim.

This is my mother.

C'est ma mère.

Nixe' pel u tata.

This is my father.

C'est mon père.

Nixe' pel u tsakam ebchal inik.

This is my little brother.

C'est mon petit frère.

Nixe' pel u tsakam ebchal uxum.

This is my little sister.

C'est ma petite soeur.

Nixe' pel u mam.

This is my grandfather.

C'est mon grand-père.

Nixe' pel u ach.

This is my grandmother.

C'est ma grand-mère.

Nixe' pel u itsan.

This is my uncle.

C'est mon oncle.

Nixe' pel u tsanub.

This is my aunt.

C'est ma tante.

Nixe' pel jun i kwechochol ubat'lab. ¡Ko'nel K'at'ux Te' Penko!

This is a bowling ball. Silly beaver!

Ça, c'est une boule de quilles. Castor comique!

Written by: Matthew Kleywegt
Illustrated by: Cynthia Dovell
Translated by: Alejandra Santiago Bautista
Language: Tének / Huastec
Level 1
Source: from Little Cree Books
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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