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apiscimākēsīsis Little Fox Petit Renard

Written by Matthew Kleywegt

Illustrated by Luce Aurochs

Translated by Eileen McKay Thomas

Language Omaškêkowak / Swampy Cree

Level Level 2

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Little Fox...

Petit Renard...

wēsā ispimīk.

That is too high.

C'est trop haut.

wēsā nāwāw.

That is too deep.

C'est trop profond.

wēsā wānaw.

That is too far.

C'est trop loin.

wēsā cīkic.

That is too close.

C'est trop proche.

wēsā mistayi.

That is too much.

C'est beaucoup trop.

wēsā kisitēw.

That is too hot.

C'est trop chaud.

wēsā tākāyāw.

That is too cold.

C'est trop froid.

wēsā papās.

That is too fast.

C'est trop rapide.

wēsā papēyātak.

That is too slow.

C'est trop lent.

ēkosi mwēci.

That is just right.

Ça, c'est parfait.


Thank you.


Written by: Matthew Kleywegt
Illustrated by: Luce Aurochs
Translated by: Eileen McKay Thomas
Language: Omaškêkowak / Swampy Cree
Level 2
Source: Little Fox from Little Cree Books
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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