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Kemɨ'ane pɨyɨane ikɨ Naika Watame Who is this, Silly Beaver? Qui est-ce, Castor Comique?

Written by Matthew Kleywegt

Illustrated by Cynthia Dovell

Translated by Hermenegildo Hauritemai Rivera Eleoterio

Language Wixárika / Huichol

Level Level 1

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Ikɨ ne mama pɨyɨane.

This is my mother.

C'est ma mère.

Ikɨ ne papa pɨyɨane.

This is my father.

C'est mon père.

Ikɨ ne muuta nunutsi pɨyɨane.

This is my little brother.

C'est mon petit frère.

Ikɨ ne miita pɨyɨane.

This is my little sister.

C'est ma petite soeur.

Ikɨ ne teukari pɨyɨane.

This is my grandfather.

C'est mon grand-père.

Ikɨ ne kutsi pɨyɨane.

This is my grandmother.

C'est ma grand-mère.

Ikɨ ne tatatsi pɨyɨane.

This is my uncle.

C'est mon oncle.

Ikɨ ne tetei pɨyɨane.

This is my aunt.

C'est ma tante.

Naika Watame waikarieya, uraɨyetɨ.

This is a bowling ball. Silly beaver!

Ça, c'est une boule de quilles. Castor comique!

Written by: Matthew Kleywegt
Illustrated by: Cynthia Dovell
Translated by: Hermenegildo Hauritemai Rivera Eleoterio
Language: Wixárika / Huichol
Level 1
Source: from Little Cree Books
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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