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A Ach Ok Grandmother Fox Grand-mère Renard

Written by Matthew Kleywegt

Illustrated by Luce Aurochs

Translated by Alejandra Santiago Bautista

Language Tének / Huastec

Level Level 2

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A Ach Ok u wat'el...

Grandmother Fox goes...

Grand-mère Renard va...

ti alte' bel

through the forest

à travers la forêt

eblim ti ts'én

over the hill

au dessus de la colline

alam an wits'iy ts'awkudh ts'aj

under the fence

sous la clôture

tim kux an pulik padhum

behind the bear

derrière l'ours

toninil junta ti k'wajat an ko'nel axi itil an its'amal

around the moose

autour de l'orignal

al an jol

into the den

elle entre dans la tanière

u k'alel junta ti yabats tsamay

out of the cold

sortant du froid

tin k'imá'


et rentre à la maison

k'al an Tsakam Ok.

to Little Fox.

pour voir Petit Renard.

Written by: Matthew Kleywegt
Illustrated by: Luce Aurochs
Translated by: Alejandra Santiago Bautista
Language: Tének / Huastec
Level 2
Source: Grandmother Fox from Little Cree Books
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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