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Jun i tamub ti Edmonton A Year in Edmonton Un an à Edmonton

Written by Greg Whistance-Smith

Illustrated by Greg Whistance-Smith

Translated by Alejandra Santiago Bautista

Language Tének / Huastec

Level Level 2

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Pel in k'ij an wits ani an ts'itsin.

It is spring.

C'est le printemps.

Chuch ubat' al an lukuk.

Coyote plays in the mud.

Coyote joue dans la boue.

¡Ka t'aka' a iniktal, Chuch!

Wash off, Coyote!

Lave-toi, Coyote!

Pel in k'ij an kubel k'ak'al.

It is summer.

C'est l'été.

Michal ani dhijiy an k'ak'al.

It is hot and sunny.

Il fait beau et chaud

¡Yab kit t'a'iy!

Don’t get burnt!

Ne te brûle pas!

Pel in k'ij an ijkanal xeklek.

It is autumn.

C'est l'automne

An xeklekchik k'wajat manu'.

The leaves are yellow.

Les feuilles sont jaunes.

¡An Chuch yabchik manu'!

Coyotes are not yellow!

Les coyotes ne sont pas jaunes!

An ja' k'wajat ti wits'mel.

It is freeze-up.

C'est le premier gel.

Chuch tsamay in ats'al.

Coyote is cold.

Coyote a froid.

Ka aliy jun i ataj.

Find a house, Coyote.

Trouve-toi une maison, Coyote.

Pel in k'ij an tsamay.

It is winter.

C'est l'hiver.

Chuch k'wajat ti alilil.

Coyote explores.

Coyote explore.

Pulik Koy k'wajat tsink'odh.

Hare is hidden.

Lièvre est caché.

An wits'iy ja' k'wajat ti xo'kanal.

It is break-up.

C'est le dégel.

An wits'iy ja' dhadhat.

The ice is thin.

La glace est mince.

¡Ka t'aja' ti kwentaj, Chuch!

Stay safe, Coyote!

Fais attention, Coyote!

Pel in k'ij an wits ani an ts'itsin.

It is spring.

C'est le printemps.

Chuch mamits.

Coyote is old.

Coyote est vieux.

Written by: Greg Whistance-Smith
Illustrated by: Greg Whistance-Smith
Translated by: Alejandra Santiago Bautista
Language: Tének / Huastec
Level 2
Source: from Little Cree Books
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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