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Naangdaawee uu iijaa On the Playground Sur le terrain de jeu

Written by Dave Prine

Illustrated by Ambi

Translated by Jasḵwaan Bedard

Read by Jasḵwaan Bedard

Language X̱aad Kil / Haida (Old Massett)

Level Level 1

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K’asgat naangwee G̱adawang!

It’s time for recess!

C'est l'heure de la récréation!

Taan giidii G̱adang. G̱adhla, Taan Giidii!

Little Bear runs. Run, Little Bear!

Petit Ours court. Cours, Petit Ours!

Silly Skunk gwii ‘ll ḵahlaangang. Gwii ḵahlaa, Silly Skunk!

Silly Skunk climbs. Climb, Silly Skunk!

Mouffette Comique grimpe. Grimpe, Mouffette Comique!

Hlḵ’yaan ḵ’ust’aan skanst’aals G̱ant’askadang. G̱anhlt’asgat, hlḵ’yaan ḵ’ust’aan!

Even Lazy Frog jumps. Jump, Lazy Frog!

Même Grenouille Paresseuse saute. Saute, Grenouille Paresseuse!

Moose ts’uujuu k’wiilsalanggang. K’wiilsalaahla, Moose ts’uujuu!

Tiny Moose swings. Swing, Tiny Moose!

Mini Orignal se balance. Balance-toi, Mini Orignal!

Ts’ang ‘iiwaans ga taagang. Gam hl gin taa, Ts’ang ‘iiwaans!

Busy Beaver eats. Don’t eat that, Busy Beaver!

Castor Occupé mange. Ne mange pas ça, Castor Occupé!

Porcupine ḵ’awgang.

Quiet Porcupine sits.

Porc-Épic Tranquille s'asseoit.

G̱uhlgaangwee ‘laa gudangee ‘laagang.

Happy Chair is happy.

Chaise Heureuse est heureuse.

K’asgat naangang wee ‘adawang. Dalang ‘waadluwaan ḵaats’iihlaa.uu!

Recess is over. Come inside, everyone!

La récréation est terminée. Rentrez, tout le monde!

Written by: Dave Prine
Illustrated by: Ambi
Translated by: Jasḵwaan Bedard
Read by: Jasḵwaan Bedard
Language: X̱aad Kil / Haida (Old Massett)
Level 1
Source: from Little Cree Books
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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