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In k'ichajil an Tsakam Pulik Padhum Little Bear's Day Un jour avec Petit Ours

Written by Caylie Gnyra

Illustrated by Caylie Gnyra

Translated by Alejandra Santiago Bautista

Language Tének / Huastec

Level Level 1

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Tsakam Pulik Padhum u ejtsinal.

Little Bear wakes up.

Petit Ours se réveille.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum in binal i k'ak'namal.

Little Bear gives thanks.

Petit Ours dit merci.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum in punuwal in pat'eb.

Little Bear puts on his clothes.

Petit Ours s'habille.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum in t'akal in wal.

Little Bear washes his face.

Petit Ours se lave le visage.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum k'apul kal an dhajuw.

Little Bear eats breakfast.

Petit Ours déjeune.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum u k'alel ti tolilil pat'al.

Little Bear rides the bus.

Petit Ours prend l'autobus.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum exobal.

Little Bear learns.

Petit Ours apprend.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum k'apul k'al an ts'ejel k'ichaj.

Little Bear eats lunch.

Petit Ours mange son dîner.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum ubat'.

Little Bear plays.

Petit Ours joue.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum ubat' abal kin tsapmedha' in iniktal.

Little Bear exercises.

Petit Ours fait de l'exercice.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum u wichel tin k'ima'.

Little Bear goes home.

Petit Ours retourne à la maison.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum k'apul kal an akal.

Little Bear eats supper.

Petit Ours mange son souper.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum in t'akal in kamab.

Little Bear brushes his teeth.

Petit Ours brosse ses dents.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum in ka'yal in pat'eb abal ti wayal.

Little Bear puts on his pyjamas.

Petit Ours met ses pyjamas.

Tsakam Pulik Padhum ne'ets ti wayal.

Little Bear goes to sleep.

Petit Ours s'endort.

Written by: Caylie Gnyra
Illustrated by: Caylie Gnyra
Translated by: Alejandra Santiago Bautista
Language: Tének / Huastec
Level 1
Source: Little Bear's Day from Little Cree Books
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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