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Patal in kwa'al i mukuxtalab Everything Has a Colour Toute chose a une couleur

Written by Dave Prine

Illustrated by Michael

Translated by Alejandra Santiago Bautista

Language Tének / Huastec

Level Level 1

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An pulik itse' walkidh tok'i'.

The river is blue.

La rivière est bleue.

An tokowchik walkidh dhakni'.

The clouds are white.

Les nuages sont blancs.

An k'ak'al walkidh manu'.

The sun is yellow.

Le soleil est jaune.

An tsabal walkidh yaxu'.

The land is green.

La terre est verte.

An witschik walkidh iko'.

The flowers are pink.

Les fleurs sont roses.

In akan an lanáx walkidh itsakni'.

The orange tree is orange.

L'oranger est orange.

U koton walkidh tsakni'.

My shirt is red.

Mon chandail est rouge.

An lukuk walkidh tsokoy.

The dirt is brown.

La terre est brune.

Xowe' an tokowchik aku'. ¿Ne'ets walam ka ulits an áb?

Now the clouds are grey. Will it rain?

Maintenant, les nuages sont gris. Va-t-il pleuvoir?

An pits'al in kwa'al yan i mukuxtalab. ¿A wit'al ka bijiychik?

The rainbow has many colours. Can you name them?

L'arc-en-ciel a plusieurs couleurs. Peux-tu les nommer?

An k'ak'al kwa ti otsel. Xowe' an k'ailal tsakni'.

The sun is setting. The sky is now red.

Le soleil se couche. Le ciel est maintenant rouge.

An jumnal pat'al tsuluw' in wal k'al tukmichik iko'.

That helicopter is purple with pink spots.

Cet hélicopter est violet avec des picots roses.

An k'amal itsakni' ani tsakni'. ¡Kwenta!

The fire is orange and red. Be careful!

Le feu est rouge et orange. Fais attention!

Tam akal an k'ailal t'unu', ani an otchik dhakni'.

The night sky is black, and the stars are white.

La nuit, le ciel est noir, et les étoiles sont blanches.

Written by: Dave Prine
Illustrated by: Michael
Translated by: Alejandra Santiago Bautista
Language: Tének / Huastec
Level 1
Source: from Little Cree Books
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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